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later by either the player or the casino. Q: How does my Players Rewards card work? Offered in a range of denominations, the cards can only be used online at green the partner gaming sites. You can also request a card, Click here to. PRC Real Money can be used with a deposit match or any other offer. I had given up any online gaming because so many decided not to accept credit cards. Never pay any fees. It's sort of like a credit card for royalty. Here is what people are saying about the Players Rewards Card: I just want to take a moment to say thank you. Look down the list and pick the Players Rewards Card as your deposit method. By using your PRC like a standard credit card your new funds will be instantly added to your account, the remainder staying on the card to be used at another time (or at other PRC partner websites). We continue to find and add new partners from time to time. Q: Can I use my Players Rewards card at more than one casino? Then make a deposit using the funds pre-loaded on your PRC card. Once Real Money is loaded on to your PRC card, it can be used to play at all our partner casinos. The card does not offer a line of credit like a credit card. The Players Rewards Card Team scours the internet to find the best gaming options most suitable for Americans and Australians. The card itself can be used a deposit option at the member casinos.

Letting you use it immediately once its in your hand. Q Pamela, toronto, it was wonderful to use, login to access your Rewards Card account. Never pay any interest rates, the casino Players Rewards Card is a deadsimple way to play and win at US and Australiafriendly online gaming destinations.

To make a deposit at our new partner casinos.The, players Rewards Card is a dead-simple way to play and win at US and Australia-friendly online gaming.Signing up for a PRC consolidates all your online payment options into one card.

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Utah, linda, the card PRC card works just casinos like a credit card. And more suited to your needs. Click Here 2 play, q What should I do if my Players Rewards card is declined. But only with Royal Ace will you truly feel the glory of the Royal treatment. Only it comes preloaded with funds like a gift card. Win tons of bonuses and free money.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try your reward card.All winnings using PRC Real Money, and without using any deposit match or other bonus coupons, can be cashed out without restriction.


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Good luck, and well see you at the games!The initial value of your card should be included in the materials that came with your card.