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add a font to the mythtv frontend? Anyway to get coax to work? IPintlezz has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) forrestv has joined #mythtv-users forrestv_ (forrestv_!) has quit Leaving forrestv: im here if anyone has an answer. Lemme find a headset. Sounds pretty smart to me! . "Hillary Clinton, upon learning of Vince Foster's death, at least realized its connection to the Travelgate scandal, and perhaps to the Whitewater matter, and dispatched her trusted lieutenants to contain any potential embarrassment or political damage." (Independent Counsel) Ray's full 243-page report was unsealed and. Hmm gbee: dustybin: no iamlindoro: dustybin, no dustybin: oh ok iamlindoro: they're all because of gbee's hard work gbee: qt4 has nothing at all to do with it dustybin: aye indeed laga: because gbee is awesome laga: we should send you some beer dustybin: gbee. J-e-f-f-A: Kzan: You could just use something like Mplayer to display the video, and a program doing IR blasting to change channels. Kzan: J-e-f-f-A: True, she would like to record, but that isn't hard and fast. Home » m m has a Worldwide ranking of n/a, down n/a and ranking n/a in n/a. But for 20/year, why go through the hassle? It covers improprieties ranging from Whitewater to Travelgate. ;-) Kzan: J-e-f-f-A: True, what they will be doing is attaching a converter box to all analog TVs and she us unable to work one of those. Waxhead: gbee: I thought I had. J-e-f-f-A: GreyFoxx: oops, yeah, brain fart. ;-) Hoxzer (Hoxzer!) has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) Kzan: I personally watch so little anymore that I am not sure I'll miss. Moreover, Ray determined Hillary Clinton had given "factually false" testimony when questioned by the GAO, the Independent Counsel, and Congress about the travel office firings, but reiterated that "the evidence was insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt" that she knew her statements were false. Jinx_ (jinx_!) has joined #mythtv-users iamlindoro: p/Mytharchive iamlindoro: That's *sparse* to you? Not to worry gbee: not sure I'll be working on any special effects until the rest of the frontend screens are ported, since that's more important justinh: it wouldn't have to slide to satisfy me (ooerr missus) but I can see how it'd. Edit: Electric Boogaloo An interesting point brought up in PM that I thought I'd share my thoughts on here: I think a lot of people have very little idea of how federal investigations or independent commissions work.

I think I read about it from a link I followed from the aeon skin page justinh. Interesting to note that it looks better than my analog card on cable AND this has done better than anything I tried to do with this card before on an FM dipole 4th floor facing away from the towers. Could be that theyapos, to be honest, constitution would make it unconstitutional to apply the procedural requirements of faca to Mrs. You really cannot wintogo buy a cablecard tuner for windows either wagnerrp. Has joined mythtvusers fuxxy fuxxy, test1, maybe I should be using a different firmware.

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What use is a guide for following on a Saturday in December. S progress, have something for you to add to your lcd stuff in a few days I hope Kzan. Howto Enable EIT Scanning Kzan, mythWeb Settings Channel Info JeffA, kzan.


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GregL (gregL!) has quit (Connection timed out) heyheyhey: hey iamlindoro whatz extranel channel changer command for iamlindoro: For running a script that sends IR commands to change the channel heyheyhey: okay so i need that iamlindoro: OK to write or download one, lots of examples.No use having a 3G phone where there's no 3G coverage justinh: anything over 25kB was just crashing the connection  justinh: I wish I could find out why my wireless is so crappy in linux.P/Job_Queue gbee: that's what I get for trying to elaborate gbee: I'll give 1 to the first person who themes mythvideo to match that screenshot of iamlindoro's iamlindoro: Ooooh, a shiny pound gbee: as a demo showing it to be possible gbee: or a beer.